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I have recently picked up my second custom made ATV trailer from Miska. It was a tough original search to find a trailer manufacturer as well as a sales rep who could understand and produce what I needed at a reasonable price. Kyle, Paul and the rest of the team did a fantastic job of working with me to make sure I had EXACTLY what I wanted and needed. The entire team is on point to make sure you are being taken care of through the entire process. Thanks to everyone at Miska.

  Stan Wasylchuk

Paul. As you know I purchased my new Drop Deck trailer from the picture on your website as I was looking for a specific trailer that would suit my needs. The only trailer that I found that would work for us was the Miska Drop Deck DD-14-14. In contacting you by phone you were extremely good to me by answering all my questions and needs. Your sales and customer service was great. It was a pleasure to meet you in person when I came to pick it up. Your staff was very good explaining, showing me and checking the operation procedures etc. my thanks to them as well. Our timing was great. As I was coming up the Hwy. 404 to my office I was called & told we had a tractor trailer here that was ready to unload. Five minutes later I was at my office, with the trailer and was able to offload the truck onto the ground and then into the trailer & take the inventory over to one of my storage sheds. (warehouse here is full) As I only have a pump truck in the storage shed, (fork lift is at my shop) being able to push the pump truck right off the storage floor onto the trailer and off again with a load, was a god sent, no slugging hundreds of pounds of product manually. My staff also thanks you as well as me. Everyone that has seen the Miska Drop Deck Hydraulic/electric trailer that I have is amazed. It is one very well built, tough, nice looking trailer and it is Canadian built by Miska to boot. WOW, you’ve got a winner here. Again my thanks to you and your staff.

  John Swarbrick

Wow! is all we have to say. This trailer is absolutely gorgeous. Top to bottom this trailer is beaming with quality and we are so very pleased that we chose to purchase our trailer from Miska. Thanks for the wonderful experience in helping us select ALL of the features that we wanted to make this such an easy purchase. A special thanks to Paul for making the entire experience an enjoyable and stress free one! Great job Paul!

  Trish Biro

Great experience today. Staff was great. Inside and out. Assistance hooking it up and going through the checklist was top notch. Also got a spare tire and cover/lock after thinking "why do I want to take a trailer without a spare" - your guy hooked it up quickly, attached the lock and cover and I was on my way. He also makes a point of shaking hands and asking where you came from which makes for a quick connection with him. Got home and Carolyn arrives a bit later and runs through the door saying "Wow that is a really nice trailer, glad you got it". Well you know for a female to appreciate a trailer it has to stand out...lol. It is everything I thought it would be. Great quality and strength. I am very happy and plan to have this for many years. Thanks again for your efforts and let your staff know they are appreciated and to keep up the good work.


First of all I want to let you know that I am impressed with the design of your trailer. You guys have come a long ways, I remember buying trailer(s) off you guys (old ownership I believe) and the paint etc. was not the greatest to say the least. Trailer towed extremely nice on the way home, both on the Hwy and back roads. I look forward to using it.


I purchased a 6 x 10 Trailer a couple of years ago and I love it! I haul my bike everywhere I go on vacation and I installed some extras onto the trailer. It's the best investment I ever made. Thanks again!

  Miska Customer

We just wanted to send a note to thank the team at Miska who worked on our trailer. Not only did your replace the hinge on the ramp door, but you replaced some screws and did other touch up work that was not required. Everyone we met during our visit was helpful and courteous. Your prompt attention made our visit a very pleasant experience. We will certainly recommend your product to anyone looking for a trailer.

  Miska Customer

We used the Miska Dumper on a recent landscaping project. It made the job go so much more efficient. We loaded up the Mini with rock and drove it right to the spot and dumped it neatly in a pile, without tearing up the lawn. It saved a lot of time shoveling loads of rock into wheelbarrows, too.

  Miska Customer

My first two Miska Dump Trailers I bought back in 2006 has 10’s of thousands of miles on it. They’re still up and running every day. These are such a quality product, we haven’t had to do any infield or factory repairs. They’re always ready to go.

  Miska Customer

I've been using my Miska Dump trailer to haul everything from top soil to sand to gravel. I like the way it dumps clean and how stable it is. I'm on my second year and still have no stress cracks. It's been a dependable trailer and done a good job for me.

  Miska Customer